Sometimes the hardest thing about writing blog posts is to come up with what to write about. I’ve pulled together 14 different styles of blog post that you can use to side step writers block and get those creative juices flowing again!


Time to tackle writers block. Let’s go!


1. How to . . .

How to posts are a great way to provide a step by step process that your readers will thank you for.


e.g. How to create gorgeous graphics using Picmonkey


2. Tips

Everyone loves a handy tip! I was lucky enough to have one of mine included in this post

e.g. 5 Thing To Try This Month // APRIL by The Female Entrepreneurs Association


3. Tools that you use and others might find helpful

All business owners have their favourite online tools. Maybe what you’re using is exactly what someone else is looking for.


e.g. Save Time With Online Calendar Scheduling Tools


4. Your success story

Hearing about your success, big or small, can inspire others to find their own kind of success. Be sure to include the process that you used so that your readers can achieve what you have.


e.g. How I got published on Huffington Post


5. Your failure story

Hearing about your failures can be more informative to your readers than your successes!


Be sure to include what you learned that helped you or could help others.


e.g. Why no-one signed up for my course (and what it taught me about being specific)


6. Personal story

I love to read a personal story as it can give a real insight into what kind of person wrote the post.


Be sure to relate your personal story back to your business in some way i.e. does your story lead creditability to the services that you offer?


7. Answer an objection

Some of your readers may be potential clients but they’re not quite sure that you are the right person for them yet.


Take the time to address one of their objections to working with you. Maybe cost is one of those objects.


e.g. If you design websites you could write about how having a professionally designed website will actually help save money (because your client won’t make the usual DIY mistakes)


8. Interview a thought leader in your field


9. Client case study

Write a before and after story for your client so that readers can see the benefits of working with you.


This kind of post has the added bonus of allowing your client to see how far they have come.


10. How to choose a . . .

Many business owners are looking for support. Maybe they need the kind of support you’re offering. Help your potential clients by letting them know what they should be looking for.


e.g. How to choose a business coach


11. Review a product or service


12. Write the essential guide to something that your audience wants to know about

E.g. The Ultimate Guide to the Best Membership Software To Run an Online Program by Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur.


13. Review a book

Have you read a book that you think your readers could benefit from? Write a review and let them know what you found most helpful.

e.g. Book review for The E-Myth Revisited


14. Announce the launch of a new product or service


You’ll be sure to find an idea in here that is useful for you to avoid writers block!


I’ve created a FREE workbook for you to capture all of your ideas. You can download it by clicking on the image below.



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