You have so many ideas bubbling away for your business.


You’ve started to create a new course, have a bundle of half-finished blog posts, and a stack of social media ideas that you want to create.

The thing is…

Nothing gets finished. You get part way through creating a new email welcome sequence, then get side-tracked fighting fires. The day to day of your business takes up Way. Too. Much. Time.

Consistency is a mythical place you’ve heard others talk about, yet you can’t seem to reach it. You get the occasional glimpse of its glittering towers but then the clouds crowd in again.

I hear you! My clients come to me feeling overwhelmed. All they want to do is support their fantastic clients and create the business they’ve dreamed of. Instead, they feel constantly “behind”, cramming tasks into their days but not making the progress they want.

There is hope. Even if you’re not a naturally organised person, you can have a business that is organised in a way that works for you.

I love organising!

I simply can’t help myself. Show me a business with clunky processes (or a friend’s cluttered closet) and I can’t wait to get stuck in. Finishing projects is one of my superpowers.

Now I know not everyone feels this way.

Your eyes may’ve glazed over when I mentioned processes…

Never fear as one of my business values is fun.

What I value


I believe we’re all creative creatures. I encourage my clients to bring more of themselves into their business.
Andrea Jordan Fun


I once used an umbrella, an apple, and a banana to explain a legal concept to a room full of scientists.

Andrea Jordan


The simplest way is usually the best way. Bye-bye overwhelm, hello ease.

Hi. I’m Andrea Jordan.

For nearly 17 years I worked as a corporate lawyer learning the ins and outs of what makes businesses successful. An organiser by nature, I combined my legal expertise with my degree in accounting to provide a smooth experience for my clients, and my staff

Now I’m a free-spirited business strategist, writer, and photographer who helps ideas people simplify, streamline, and systemise their businesses.

When I’m not behind my laptop, I’m out in nature with my camera in hand. Otherwise, I’m relaxing with a book. Fantasy and science fiction are top of the list, with thrillers and Marian Keyes style stories a close second.

Fun facts

  • My love of all things 4-legged developed while growing up on a sheep and cattle farm in New Zealand, in a tiny town called Kaukapakapa (said cow-copper-copper).
  • I love a good adventure and have travelled to over 50 countries and all 7 continents. My latest adventure saw me travelling throughout Latin America, with my business in my backpack, for nearly two years.
  • From beginner classes to performing in Los Angeles with a salsa performance team in 4 and half years. It was a crazy time filled with many sequins and hours in the studio. I also dance rock n roll.

Why do I love having an organised business so much?

  time freedom, which means I can do all of the things I love, while knowing that the important actions are taken care of in my business.

  more energy, less decision fatigue.

  efficiency. I really, really, don’t like repeating tasks that don’t light me up.

  consistently great customer service, even if you’ve stayed up late down a rabbit hole of IG threads, Netflix or the pages of a great book.

If you like the sound of this, then I’d love to talk to you about your business.

I now have an easy to use hole-proof system for tracking eager potential clients and a fabulous reframe to love them to bits – even if they never buy from me. Our session was so helpful. I’ve saved a BUNCH of time already and no leads have slipped through the holes.

Denise Litchfield

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