is isn’t the blog post I planned to write today.

I started writing about the key elements of content organisation. But I ran out of energy. I felt bored by what I was writing. I didn’t want to think about the ideal call to action.

Instead, I wanted to tell you this…


You are not alone.

Even if you’ve been feeling isolated and alone in your business.

Running your own business can be hard. It can be isolating.

There are a million decisions to make and they’re all up to you.

There isn’t always support from your friends or your family.

You’ve thought about quitting several times. A job is starting to look appealing (there is also no shame in getting a job – I’ve had a part-time contract for over a year).


You are worthy of support.

I’ve been running this business of mine for a few years now. Trying to figure out what works – succeeding at times, feeling like a failure at other times.

Travelling throughout Latin America and Southeast Asia, pet sitting my way around New Zealand, while figuring it all out. It was great and at times it felt incredibly lonely.

When the loneliness strikes it can be very hard to reach out and ask for support.

We all need support (yes even us A type personalities!). We are all worthy of getting that support.

That doesn’t mean investing thousands of dollars in a coaching program. It can simply be asking a friend to bombard you with photos of cute puppies (I’ve been known to do that). A dose of fun can do wonders for your spirit.


You are not your business.

We identify with our businesses far too much. If they fail, we feel like a failure. If they succeed, we feel on top of the world.

We tie our self-worth to the success of our business. I sometimes do this and need to keep an eye on this behaviour as it can mess with my mental health.

We are so much more than our business.

Even if my latest offer got crickets, I’m still an amazing aunt to my nieces. I’m still the kind of person who puts out food for the birds in the winter. A flock of sparrows, blackbirds and starlings have descended on my garden for breakfast – making me laugh and bringing me such happiness. These moments are important.

You are still a great person, even if you can’t yet figure out what your offer is, and your latest client is eluding you.


Where to find great communities to join.

Connect on my FB page

If you’ve been feeling isolated and alone in your business, come and join my Facebook page and say Hi. I may not have all the answers, but I do have your back. You’ll find other business owners to connect with, you’ll see what life looks like behind the scenes for me, and you’ll definitely learn how to organise your business better.

She Owns It membership

If you’re in New Zealand I highly recommend She Owns It. This is a paid membership (less than $5 a week) run by Rachel Lewis.

I’ve been a member for a couple of years now and it’s one of the best memberships I’ve been part of.

There is a FB group that is very supportive, weekly virtual co-working sessions if you need accountability and some company, monthly experts on relevant topics, monthly Q&As with Rach if you need extra guidance, end of month planning and review sessions, and a stack of handy resources you can access on demand.

I sound like I’m an affiliate but I’m not (because there is no affiliate program). I do have a lot of respect for Rach – she’s run another successful business before She Owns It and has a wealth of knowledge. She’s also very open about the messy middle of running a business.

There are also in person catch ups. I’m the host for Christchurch – I volunteered for that role because I wanted to meet more people. We get together every month to talk about our business – what’s working, and where we could do with some support.

Heart-Centred, Soul-Drive Entrepreneurs

In Australia, take a look at the Heart-Centred, Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs FB group run by Tash Corbin. Although most members are Aussies, this is a global group.

Tash is very clear on boundaries in terms of inclusivity and no spamming, so this is a great place to spend time.

I love that there are clear theme days so you’re clear on what you can post each day. That also means you can find what you’re looking for easily.

If you’d like a weekly dose of encouragement to get your business organised running smoothly then invite me into your inbox by signing up for my emails here > > >

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