I love to see my clients succeeding and gaining greater confidence in their abilities.

Here are some of the wonderful people I’ve worked with and results they’ve gained. . .


Working with you was really the most perfect kick up the bum. I booked a month of sessions first thing on Monday mornings. So for four weeks, I was flooded with strategy and inspiration. 

Saying yes to strategy was the first step to seeing my business income double! I doubled my income the next month by choosing to show up better and more consistently. Saying YES to getting coached and supported in business is where the magic happens. Andrea, has excellent, clear, easy to use strategy solutions that I will continue to implement throughout my business for a long time to come. 

Jay Kimber

Feminine Fire

Andrea knows how businesses and people work, and asked exactly the right questions to make sure that the process she suggested makes absolute sense for where I’m at in my business, while still leaving room for growth.

You are an organisational genius! I was ashamed of the mess my files were in but you didn’t judge it, and helped me set up a filing system that actually works for me. Knowing where everything is, not having to scramble, and knowing where to save new things has made a surprisingly big difference to my mental wellbeing this week. One area of chaos is now gone and it feels amazing.

I’m slightly ashamed to say that I had previously been one of those people that thought systems were boring. I am a complete convert! It feels SO good to be organised and know that nothing can fall through the cracks. And this week I had more time to spend on the rest of my business because I didn’t waste it searching through notes and documents.

Thank you!

Leonie Gough

Strategy & support for introverted entrepreneurs

What makes Andrea Jordan a great business strategist? Let me count the ways.

Number one: she is a fantastic finisher. For someone like me who is always starting something and coming up with new ideas, having someone like Andrea hold me accountable to completing the tasks essential to achieving my business goals is priceless. In short, she keeps her clients on track.

Number two: she listens between the lines and helps pinpoint that thing you couldn’t quite figure out on your own, giving way to accelerated forward progress and breakthroughs.

And number three: she understands systems and how they work for those of us building our micro empires. She points out small tweaks to make in the big ecosystem of your business that make a difference and again, facilitate forward progress.

Hiring Andrea as my business strategist is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my business this year! I absolutely love working with her.

Mary Lou Kayser

The Book Revolution and Play Your Position Podcast

Andrea really listens and ask the right questions to help you discover the root of your problem. She comes up with tailored suggestions and ideas.

She made me see that I don’t need to blog in the traditional sense and how blogging would be used to show my expertise. Depending on your strategy, there are many different ways to approach blogging even when you hate to write.

It was so easy to talk to her, it felt like we knew each other for ages.

Michaela Latavanha

Digital Experience Strategist and Web Designer, Beachside Studio

Andrea was quick to help me realize what I needed to work on right away.  She helped me organize my digital files and my email files.  She doesn’t suggest a complicated formula for doing either of these.  Rather she was able to zero in very quickly on how my brain worked and what would make the most sense for me.  After the first week, I was able to reduce my inbox from over 10,000 emails to 0 and I have been able to keep it that way.  We also set up a really simple system for organizing my Google Drive that makes so much sense and once again, I have been able to keep up with that as well.

The biggest surprise to me was our last session.  My thought was that we would be talking about my Client Onboarding System.  Andrea realized quickly that I wasn’t ready for that.  Instead, she saw that what I really needed to do was come up with a consistent social media plan.  And then the magic really happened because she was able to help me create some content ideas that I put into place the second we hung up and have been doing it ever since.

When I first purchased Andrea’s package I truly looked at it like I was putting the nuts and bolts in place for my business to run smoothly.  And I did that.  But I also found a true Business Coach who ended up assisting me with content creation, a social media plan, an introductory offer and a package offer.

I feel really lucky that I purchased Andrea’s “Systems Package” because I ended up with so much more.  Thank you so much Andrea!


Karen Blaney Camerato

Child Loss Coach & Mentor

I recently engaged Andrea to help me look at my business systems and identify areas for improvement. What I appreciated was that Andrea helped me recognise, acknowledge and tackle some other more fundamental issues at play in my work and life. The sessions so far have helped me establish some clearer targets and ways to go about achieving them. If you are receptive to working with a down to earth coach who will listen between the lines, challenge your thinking and guide you without advising, I can and do recommend Andrea.

Jon Dunning

Trainer, facilitator and coach

You’re on Facebook scrollin, and it’s meh…..meh…..meh….. and ONE pops out and you KNOW it’s for you? That’s what Andrea’s offer did for me. She offered help for sales call blues, with snappy things to say that not only help potential clients make the right buying decision but to do it with love, not slime. 

Because we’ve all been slimed in sales calls and I so didn’t want to be a slimer. But I also wanted to convert more eager clients too. I was like: Shut up and take my money – let’s go! 

I now have an easy to use hole-proof system for tracking eager potential clients and a fabulous reframe to love them to bits – even if they never buy from me. Our session was so helpful. I’ve saved a BUNCH of time already and no leads have slipped through the holes.

Denise Litchfield

Before Andrea waltzed into my day with her irresistible offer, deciding everyday on the best FB posts took up a lot of my time and energy.

I am so glad I jumped on her offer 90 days in 90 minutes! Now I have a plan lined up for the next 90 days, oh wow, what a relief! Andrea is an absolute wizard! 20 minutes into the session she already got out of me most of the topics for 3 months!  Her system is superb, she is a joy to work with, this session just blew my mind!

I declare Andrea the absolute queen of simple, joyous systems! At the end of our time together she emailed me my spreadsheet containing 3 months of FB posts; all I got to do now is a bit of writing and line them all up. She also gave me a couple of excellent tips on how to write a whole bunch of posts, connected to my niche and my offers.

Seriously, a session with Andrea will take you 20 steps forward!

Thank you Andrea 💕

Gabi Gogan
Helping artists thrive with confidence and joy

Before working with Andrea I was feeling stuck and struggling in a quite a few areas of my business.  Andrea was extremely knowledgeable & thoughtful in her approach.  She was supportive and helpful whilst being directive so I felt stretched way out of my comfort zone while being supported.

Her suggestions indicated she had thoroughly researched what I actually do in my business and the nature of my industry which meant we could get a lot achieved in the sessions.  I now have more direction & confidence in how I might implement the actions to achieve both my short term & long term goals.

Fiona Munroe

Massage Therapist

Having my digital files unorganized was driving me crazy.  It was one of those items on my task list that I kept rescheduling because it was so overwhelming.  As soon as I signed up for a session with Andrea something shifted in me and I was able to get started with deleting stuff.

During our 90 minutes, she helped me figure out a structure for organizing my files.  The time flew by as we created folders, moved and deleted files.  I love how easy it is to find any of my digital files.

NJ Shelsby

Productivity Strategist

I am a girl who’s never really had a plan. I bumble through life, figuring things out as I go and, quite literally, have fallen into the careers I am leading today. For two days of the week, I work as a Paramedic. The rest of the time I am a photographer – a self-professed, self-taught wedding and portrait photographer. How I came to be these things was quite by accident. Let’s just say I have a talent for following my heart and seeing where it will lead me. But even a girl without a plan eventually needs one. This is something I have come to learn recently as I felt myself floundering around and struggling to make my wedding photography business work.

I found Andrea’s business strategy sessions quite by accident but I’m a big believer in the Universe listening and answering your questions and desires and so I put my nerves aside and booked into a session without another thought. That click was a game-changer for me.

Andrea got to the root of my ramblings and questions, threw me a line and showed me a way out of the deep, dark hole I had been scrabbling around in, all in the space of a 30 minute Skype session! I realise now that, somewhere along the way, I had lost the love for photography because I’d got sucked into the world of business and marketing and strategy and hustle. Andrea – lovely, personable, knowledgeable Andrea – stood outside the mess of my mind and simply cleared a path for me. And I shall be eternally thankful to her for that.

Andrea helped me to see how hung up I’d gotten on one aspect of my business, how I’d let it take over everything else and how that wasn’t what I wanted to do, or be. She gave me clarity, inspiration and confidence to step back and look at what I was doing. Because when I was in the middle of it, I really couldn’t see what was going on at all.

If you’re looking for direction, purpose, inspiration, an energy boost and a refreshing perspective, go to Andrea. Book a session. Talk to her and let her show you what you already know but just can’t see for looking. You won’t regret it, I promise you x

Sarah Wayte

Portrait Photographer

Andrea is a great listener, who gives brilliant relevant advice. She really boosted my confidence and encouraged some real “lightbulb moments”!

My most valuable takeaway was how to be more business-like with new clients regarding my fees, the editing process and setting out clearly what both the client and myself should expect from each other!

Anne Grange

Memoir Editor & Author

Chatting with Andrea helped me to narrow in on what I needed to do in my business. She gave me solid action steps to move forward with, that I’m still using to help me take more action.

I quit my job 5 months ago to focus on my copywriting business. The biggest challenge I’m facing is productivity. I’m feeling overwhelmed and have a hard time finding balance and staying on task with my business.  I’m loving being able to spend 6 weeks living in Bali but being a digital nomad brings its own challenges!

I really liked that Andrea was very easy to talk to, she’s also approachable and relatable. She’s a digital nomad herself so she really knew what I’m going through. She honed in on my main obstacle really quickly so we could move on to problem-solving right away. THANK YOU!

Amy Mitchell

When I came to talk to Andrea I was suffering from a severe lack of direction and clarity regarding what steps I should be taking to discover my niche. I’d been stuck thinking about this for at least 6 months.

During our session she identified that I enjoy providing positive experiences to others from the position of an expert. This insight will be key in considering possible business avenues moving forward. She also encouraged me to simply take action in a direction that was appealing (and gave me the steps to follow) and see what the outcome was. This in itself represents progress as I’m excited to be actively exploring an idea.

Andrea is a potent combination of perception, incisiveness and intelligence. She listens well; is skilled in eliciting the relevant information; and is able to propose concrete, manageable steps to take. She is also very friendly! It was so invigorating to talk to someone who is so supportive of what I want to achieve.

Rowan White

Andrea talked everything through in an incredibly clear way, patiently answered all my questions and helped me to find a way through the maze without feeling overwhelmed.

I love the creative side of what I do, but I find the business side of things an absolute maze of terror – structures, contracts, terms and conditions – it all makes my brain hurt.

We covered an amazing amount of information in the call, so it took me a while to process it all and apply it, but lots of things I’d been stalling on or panicking about made much more sense afterwards, and it was much easier than I’d expected to apply this to my business!

Carla Watkins

Owner of The Website Beautician and co-owner of Ink Drops

I went from “I don’t even know what to write about” to planning my first ebook (and my first six months worth of blog posts) in a half hour laser-focused session with Andrea. The moment I told her what my business was, she outlined post after post, each of which was geared to provide something incredibly useful for my readers and lead them towards my solutions for them.


I can’t imagine what a full hour with Andrea would generate!  This woman has an ability to clearly see and lay before you the next steps you need to take in your business, and you should work with her now, before she gets so booked up you’ll need to jump on her waiting list.
Sally Tudhope

Website Designer

Andrea is an expert that not only knows the technical side of business, but also makes working with her something fun to look forward to.

She has a fun personality and creative out-of-the-box thinking that has helped me thrive more as a photographer. She didn’t just help me with my business. She helped me further develop a unique business that will help me live a free and balanced life.

Before my session I was really confused about what to focus on in order to grow my business. After our session I now have actionable next steps that I’m actually excited about. Andrea genuinely cares about your success and takes a personal interest in your goals – I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Jennifer Dobson

Google Photographer & Gropro Enthusiast, Proview Photo

Andrea is knowledgeable, straightforward and insightful. Our consultation gave me clarity into setting up a business, as she guided me through all the essential areas.

On top of that, she suggested excellent creative ideas for my next steps, leaving me feeling totally inspired. Thank you Andrea!

Claire Drinkwater

Freelance Writer and Communications Consultant

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