Have you thought of getting organised with your business, putting some solid systems in place, but, BUT, the idea of all of that work puts you off.  How are you going to come up with systems for all of the different parts of your business while doing your day to day work?


The truth is that you’ll already be using some systems in your business. It’s more a case of knowing how to identify systems, and then streamlining them, rather than starting from scratch.


That’s why I wanted to let you in on the secret to identify systems that you already have in your business.


The secret?


Track the tasks that you’re already doing in your business. I said it was a secret, I didn’t say it had to be complicated!


For the next week write down all of the tasks that you repeat during that week. We want to capture all of the tasks that you do, big or small. Once you have a clear idea of your recurring tasks, write down the action steps that you take to complete one of those task.


Let’s say that you write a blog post every week. Your action steps may be:

  1. Come up with an idea to write about
  2. Write down some notes about what you’ll cover
  3. Write the blog post
  4. Read over the post and tidy it up.
  5. Think of a title for the post.
  6. Choose a photo to go with the post.
  7. Copy and paste the words into the backend of your website.
  8. Upload a photo
  9. Complete the meta description and keywords for the post
  10. Hit publish.


Those action steps? That’s a system. Can you now see other systems that you already use in your business?


Systems don’t need to be complicated. In fact they work better if they’re simple.


If the thought of writing out all of your systems drains your energy, or the thought of tracking your tasks bores you silly, book in for a Systems Starter Session with me. It’s free. It’s 20 minutes. It’s the perfect way to talk over how I can take those energy draining tasks off your hands and return some shiny, streamlined systems to you.

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