How To Create Your 90 Day Plan…


You know that planning for your business success is a good idea, yet it can feel overwhelming.


“So many things to do, where do I start?!”


A 90 Day Plan is a useful planning tool when mapping out your business goals (if you’d like to know more about what a 90 Day Plan is please read What is a 90 Day Plan? (and how it can help your business)).


I’ve set out below simple step to create your 90 Day Plan.


Step 1: Decide on a long term goal that you want to work towards


Your vision could be to inspire and empower women around the world to be healthy.


Your goal for the next year could be to write a book.


Step 2: Decide on your focus for the next 90 Days


With any goal there are many different areas of focus that go into achieving that goal. Our goals become much more manageable to achieve (and far less overwhelming!) when we break them down into smaller pieces.


With our book example our main focus for the next 90 days could be to find an agent that you would love to work with and who has great connections in the publishing world.


Step 3: Make a list of the main tasks that need to happen in the next 90 days


At this point we want a list of the high level tasks that need to happen so we can see what our focus will be for each month (diving straight into what we need to do each day can mean that we miss out important steps).


In our book examples our high level tasks could be:

  • Research publishers you’d like to work with
  • Research agents you’d like to work with
  • Write book outline
  • Send book outline to agents
  • Get agent!
  • Grow social media following on Facebook to [number] (to show you have enough of a following to be of interest to publishers)
  • Create a social media editorial calendar for Facebook
  • Create content for editorial calendar
  • Create graphics for social media
  • Schedule social media
  • Grow email list to [number] (to show you have enough of a following to be of interest to publishers)
  • Brainstorm ideas for welcome gift for email subscribers
  • Create welcome gift
  • Have welcome gift graphics designed
  • Get welcome gift set up
  • Create marketing plan for welcome gift


Step 4: Decide on the order of your high level tasks


Look at your high level tasks and decide the priority of those tasks. It’s tempting to want to do everything at once! Yet it’s important to prioritise so we drive ourselves nuts with the amount of work to do.


Choose which task you’ll focus on for the first, second and third 30 Days of your 90 day plan.


When you have a detailed list of your high level tasks you can clearly see what you need to be focusing on and what you can ignore. You can also see if what you want to achieve is doable in 90 Days (without you burning out and needing to recover with a month of chocolate and Netflix!).


Once you have your 90 Day Plan you can then break each of those high level tasks into your weekly and daily tasks.


If you’d like support to create your 90 Day Plan book in a 90 minute planning session with me.

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