Ajijic is a small town that sits on the shores of Lake Chapala, which is the largest lake in all of Mexico!


I travelled to Ajijic from Buenos Aires as I had been lucky enough to secure a house sit for the month of May looking after Will & Grace (love those names!), the dogs, and Angus the cat.


Ajijic is one of the largest retirement communities in North America with many Americans and Canadians coming here to enjoy the beautiful weather. This mix of immigrants means that English is spoken more here than in many other parts of Mexico which was a treat for me as I’d been struggling with understanding Argentinian style Spanish over the last 3 months.


I was staying over in West Ajijic which was about 20 minutes walk along cobbled streets to the main part of town.

Every Tuesday an organic market was held close to my place. This soon became my favourite day of the week as the food on offer was fantastic! From bowls of berries, to fresh bread to Japanese takeaway meals, I was in foodie heaven.


There is also a weekly market on a Wednesday on the other side of the main center. Because of the expat community there has developed a wide range of cafes and restaurants. From Mexican, to Thai, to French!


Being so close to the lake meant that it was the logical place for this nature lover to take the dogs for their walks. Will and Grace would make me laugh on every walk as they had such a great time exploring, fetching sticks and going for swims it was impossible not to join in with the fun.


Ajijic is home to over 130 specifics of birds, either permanent residents or migrating on their way to somewhere else. Black-crowned night heron, Great Egret and Snowy Egret were the birds that we saw every morning by the lake. I loved to watch the Great Egret fly – with their long necks and wings they have a beautiful grace to them.

Travel Tips:

1. I used House Sit Mexico to secure this sit. If you’re thinking of joining then do email me as I sometimes hear of discount codes that you can use.

2. Not every ATM will work for your card so be sure to get cash out before you need it as you might need to walk around town testing out the different machines.


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