One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “How do you know when it’s time to systemise and organise your business and at what stage of your business do you start?

I’m going to share with you five signs that you need to start getting systemised.

1. Your client experience starts to suffer


 If you have clients you haven’t replied to for days, or maybe clients chasing you, then you know it’s time to pay attention. 

Our clients are precious and deserve to be treated in the best way possible.


2. You don’t have time for new clients


Maybe you don’t have time for new clients, or you’ve just got that feeling that you can’t take on any new clients. The flow on effect is that you stop marketing to attract those new clients. 

We start our businesses based on having all of the time within our business free and we can sometimes forget to factor in that as we attract more and more clients we’re going to have less and less time to spend on everything else that our business needs. 

When you start feeling that your capacity is limited, that is another sign that you really need to get organized and systemised behind the scenes, so that your time and energy is freed up.


3. You’ve started to skip the essentials.


 Maybe you meant to update your finances at the end of the month. But you didn’t really have time. You’ll get onto that next week. Then next week rolls around and exactly the same thing happens. 

We know there are things in our business we need to be doing, sometimes each and every day, sometimes each week, and sometimes each month. We also know if we’re not doing those consistently, our business really suffers. 

It can be as simple as doing your bookkeeping or posting on your Facebook page. 

So if you’ve started to skip some of those essentials, then now’s a good time to get organised so those essentials are always taken care of. 


4. You don’t have time to follow up


Following up is so important within our businesses. There are different types of follow up e.g.  following up potential clients, following up existing clients who are coming to the end of their first package with you or following up potential collaborators. 

Any element of outreach into your community is what I would include in your follow ups. 

If you’ve got a pile of emails sitting in your inbox that need replying to, or potential clients that have a question or two before they pay you but you haven’t got back to them and now it’s been a week or so… 

Now is the time to get organised and systemised because you don’t want any of those people to fall between the cracks.


5. Office hours keep expanding


If you had this idea of working 30 hours a week in your business, or maybe it was 20 hours or 40 hours, but now it’s never ending. It’s before breakfast, it’s after dinner, it’s on the weekends. You’re staying up late to look for stock photos, create graphics, write your next blog post. 

You know your business has taken over your life. Working longer and longer hours is another sure sign you need to get organised.


How many of those five signs to organise your business can you relate to? Was it one or two? Or is it the lot?


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