Do you choose a word of the year? It’s not something I usually do as it feels awfully like a New Years Resolution to me. You know the kind, where you’re really excited about it for a couple of weeks but then forget you even choose it.

Instead I wanted to choose a focus of the year. Admittedly this could end up being the same as that resolution – alone and dusty in your bottom drawer.

The difference for me is that I’m using that focus for my planning and whenever I make a decision. It’s not a brief thought instead it’s the guiding light. What’s my focus for 2019?






With a side of Courage and Adventure.



By choosing a focus I can start asking myself some interesting questions.

Who do I need to be to make that focus work?

How did I waste time last year with not much to show for it?

What good habits do I need to put in place to make that focus work? What bad habits do I have to drop?


Here’s how I’m going to simplify my business (and life):



Do less. Earn more.


Sounds simple right? I’ve found that it’s all too easy to start with the big picture of what you want to achieve but then lose yourself in the details. That might only be me yet I suspect there are more out there in internet land who do exactly the same as me.



The ways I’ll be doing less are:

  • Install News Feed Eradicator for Facebook on my FB page. It’s a Chrome extension that replaces my news feed with a quote. No more getting distracted during my work day by the cute puppies someone is sharing.
  • Batching my content. I’ve done this a bit in the past but this year it’s a main focus. The plan is to have a months’ worth of social media and blog posts scheduled at any one time. Just typing that is making me happy. Whenever I batch write, edit and schedule I save myself a lot of time.
  • No purchasing of courses unless I can see that they will directly reflect in my bottom line. I have all of the information that I need.
  • Being ruthless about what I do each day. No more trying to cram lots of things in instead I’m back to my structured three tasks each day.



The ways I’ll be earning more are:

  • Stick to my strategy and systems services. No creating any new services, instead I’ll be focusing on getting the marketing right on my current services until I have the steady stream of clients that I want.
  • Price increases. I’ll be increasing my prices once or twice during the year as I get clearer on what my clients need and what I can offer.



Less moving. More exploration.


I enjoyed the variety of my Year of Housesitting. I cared for lots of lovely animals and visited new places but there were down sides. It takes a lot of time to arrange house sits. Constantly searching for what’s coming up, applying, doing interviews. Rinse and repeat.


There is also a lot of uncertainty as you have no control over what sits will be coming up, if home owners will choose you, if home owners will cancel their holiday after talking to you and if they’re home and animals were as described to you.


All of that uncertainty becomes tiring. This year I want a calm space of my own.




 Strength. Flexibility. Endurance.




Focusing on being sugar free and plastic free is definitely going to help me simplify my food choices. All I want is fresh and nutritious food (with the occasionally glass of wine – no need to go completely crazy).


Do you have a word of the year? Could it instead be your focus of the year?



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