What you focus on grows, what you think about expands,

and what you dwell upon determines your destiny

~ Robin Sharma


Written out your goals for 2017? Check.


Designed a plan to make your goals happen? Check.


Put 100% of your focus into taking action to make that plan happen? Hmmm. Kindof.


You got started but then got distracted, then self-doubt kicked in and everything has come to a halt.




Goals without focus have you spinning your wheels


At one time or another I think every business owner has gone through a phase of doing lots of “busy work” and kidding themselves that being busy must mean they’ll achieve their goals soon.


I know I’ve done this. Writing blog posts, scheduling social media – thinking that this would all work but deep down I knew that there was no focus behind what I was doing. Although I was enjoying myself, I was really spinning my wheels.



Creating the right focus is a journey


It’s important to be aware that focusing on the right actions for your business isn’t something you do once and then forgot all about it. It’s something that you’ll continually need to come back to.


I’ve made the mistake of taking my eye off my focus a few times. The results happen pretty quickly – income drops, procrastination comes knocking.



Create a visual reminder of your focus


You’d think as intelligent human beings that we could remember what we had decided to focus on, yet time and time again I see that’s not true.


We get distracted by the “busy work”, by bright shiny objects and by what life brings us each day.


As a digital nomad I don’t have a physical vision board I can look at or sticky notes on the wall to remind me of my focus. Instead, I write out my focus on pieces of cardboard that I can prop up on a shelf near me and I write my focus in the back of my notebooks (because that’s where I write out my weekly and daily task list).


What you focus on grows. What could you do to make sure your focus is in front of you each and every day?



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