What does your perfect day look like?


You may be surprised but very few people know the answer to this question! I certainly didn’t know when I was first asked to describe my perfect day.


We flounder with the idea of what our perfect day looks like because we’ve not taken the time to dream and really think about how we want our life, and our business, to look.


If you don’t have a clear picture of your perfect day how can you create meaningful goals to move closer to that day?


Grab a pen and paper and describe for me what you’re perfect day looks like.


Start from when you wake up, and move through each hour of the day.


Write down in detail your thoughts and descriptions of what your perfect day looks, feels, sounds and smells like.


You can use the following questions to get you started:


  1. How would you spend your day?


2. Who are you with?


3. Where are you?


4. Would you be working, playing or both?


If you’re a visual person find pictures that capture how you see this perfect day or create a vision board on Pinterest.


Of course you might have too many things to fit into only one day. Simply write about those aspects that appeal to you the most.


When you are writing about your perfect day be aware of that little voice in your head (you know the one, “yes that all sounds lovely but HOW are you going to do it?”). We aren’t concerned with the “hows” today so ask that voice to be quiet while you’re completing this exercise.


I first did this exercise in 2013 and this is how my perfect day looked . . .


I wake with a smile on my face. Eyes closed, I lay still as the nights dreams fade to be replaced by a slow bubbling excitement. Today’s the day!



I can contain myself no more and my eyes snap open. My energy carries me up and out of my crisp cotton sheets.



Throwing open the French doors I gaze out on a perfect morning. The warm pink glow of the first rays of light is lapping along the beach. Slipping into my running gear, including my green racer back singlet that makes me feel like an athlete, I head down the hallway. Shoes on, I tug my hair back into a ponytail and step outside to greet the day.



I set off towards the far end of the beach, breathing in the salty air. Along the way I meet some of my friends that I’m catching up with later that day. We talk excitedly about where we’ll go and the excitement gives me extra energy to power home.



I dive into the sea to cool off then have a warm shower. Refreshed I sit down to breakfast in my favourite embroidered silk robe, bought on one of my many overseas adventures.



While drinking my juice and nibbling on fresh fruit I work on the design of the next chapter of my second book.



The hours fly by. Before I know it the next chapter is nearly written and it’s time to meet up with friends for a kayak out to an offshore island. We’ve all bought along our favourite food to have a shared lunch once we get to the island.



Exhilarated, and wetter than we needed to be, we pull our kayaks onto the shore and set up our picnic in the shade. The food was fantastic and the conversation even better!



We are in the middle of planning our annual adventure. Where would we go this year? A tropical paradise like Samoa? A running adventure in Madagascar? We discussed them all and laughed so much we could barely eat.


I arrive home an hour before the sun set. This is my favourite time of the day to practice yoga. As I breathe in the fragrance of the jasmine I feel aglow with gratitude at the many wonders that my life holds.



Relaxed and calm I get ready for tonight’s celebration. It’s the birthday of one of my best friend’s daughters and we are all gathering for an al fresco dinner. I arrive as the thousands of sparkling lights are turned on and the garden is turned into a magical place.



I move among my friends sharing stories and laughter. I give the birthday girl an enormous hug and she takes me for a tour of the garden and tells me stories of where the fairies live.



Much later that night, as I slip between the cool sheets, I think to myself that it has been a most perfect day.


So, what does your perfect day look like?


What are some of the themes that came up for you? Mine would be the sea, fitness, friends, writing. There are definitely some missing elements, photography and animals being two of them, which is why I like to do this exercise each year to see how my perfect day has changed.


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