My mission as I travel throughout Latin America is to volunteer with rescue animals in each country that I visit. I’ve done this before in Thailand, Guatemala and New Zealand and it’s been a wonderful experience.


The Ranch Dog Shelter (Mexico) is the second shelter that I would volunteer with while in Mexico.


The shelter is home to between 60 to 70 dogs and puppies at any one time. On arriving I was impressed by how well kept the shelter was and how much room the dogs had within their long enclosures.


I was a volunteer 1 day a week. The shelter is outside of the town of Ajijic so I had to arrange rides with other volunteers as it was too far to walk.


I joined a variety of other volunteers. Our main tasks were to take dogs out for walks, feed them and give them lots of love and attention.


Let me introduce you to some of the dogs that I walked . . .




And now let’s meet the puppies!





If you are heading to Ajijic then why not go and make a dog’s day? You can contact the dog shelter for details via their website.


If you are in Mexico, Canada or the US and are looking to adopt a dog then get in touch with the shelter, I know they’d love to hear from you.


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