Travellers usually come to Ushuaia, also known as The End Of The World, for two reasons. They’re either going hiking in Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego or they’re off to Antarctica. I was fortunate enough to be heading to Antarctica!


I’d decided to spend a few extra nights in Ushuaia before I got on the cruise ship so I could relax and not have to be concerned with delayed flights (or strikes – beware these can happen expectantly!).


Ushuaia is a pretty town to stroll about with most of the cafes and stores sitting on San Martin (street). Take a walk up and down the streets and see how many different jackets from the cruise ships you can spot recently returned passengers wearing.


If you need outdoor gear then you’re in the right place with multiple shops lining San Martin.


Keep an eye out for the great street art!


Take a stroll along the foreshore.

Be careful where you park!
Continue around the shore and you’ll be walking around the Reserva National Irbana Bahia Encerrada (Nature Reserve), at the western end of the town, as you can get a different perspective on the town.

If you want to go for a longer walk I’d suggest heading to Glaciar Martial, which is 7km outside of the town. It’s all uphill so you might want to consider a taxi if you don’t like hills. The views of the town are fantastic! There are a couple of cafes up here where you can recover from the walk.


This has got to get the award for best view from a restaurant!



Take time to recover in the cute café before heading back down the hill.



Where shall we go next? Love seeing New Zealand on the sign.

Travel Tips

  1. Don’t expect your credit cards to work here. Mine had worked fine in Buenos Aires but only worked in 50% of the stores and cafes here.
  2. You are in an expensive part of the world so factor that into your budget. I found that the prices for food were 20% more than in Buenos Aires.
  3. Be careful where you book your hotel. Ushuaia is built on a hill so you might find that you have a steep walk if you’re not in the first two or three streets up from the port.
  4. The information center by the port is a wealth of information for anything you might want to do in the area. The staff speak English and Spanish and are very helpful. There is also free wifi within the center.

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