Do you have a follow up system in place? Or are you scrambling to follow up with people in your business? Potential clients, past clients who might want to work with you again, people who might refer your services, or that inspiring woman that you met at a conference who you’d love to have a coffee with?


The obvious benefit to a great follow up system is that you don’t leave money on the table by not following up with people who want to work with you.


As your business grows, and you spend more time with your clients, it’s easy to lose track of the connections you’ve made.


It’s all too easy to realise that you haven’t followed up with Martha for months and then feel like you’ve left it too late, so you don’t follow up at all.


Yet there are many unexpected benefits to a great follow up system . . .


Extra benefits of a follow up system

1. If you’ve got templated emails to use, and a ready list of names, then you can follow up even if you’ve got mind set wobbles, you’re tired or your kids are running noisily around the house


2. Once you have a system in place you no longer need to remember to follow up, so you create more mental energy for yourself


3. By following up promptly you’ll make potential clients feel valued and they get a taste of what working with you will be like


4. People don’t get forgotten. No one likes to be forgotten, especially now when people may feel more isolated than usual


5. Not only do you no longer miss out on opportunities to attract new clients, you’ll also have more opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people and to form a great support network.


Do you have a follow up system? Let me know in the comments below.


If you’re like to put this system in place then book in for a Virtual Coffee with me where we’ll discuss what your current follow up system looks like, and what your ideal would be.

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