Do you procrastinate? Is it time for you to stop procrastinating your life away?


I wanted to share with you an exercise that I did which might give you a push to get started on those goals/projects/dreams that you’ve been putting off.


1.  Take a blank piece of paper and draw 75 squares on it if you are male and 80 squares on it if you are female (estimated life expectancies).


2.   Put a cross through the name of squares that equal your age.


3.   Take a look at the number of squares that you haven’t crossed out.


4.   Compare the crossed squares to the uncrossed squares.


5.   The uncrossed squares are the number of years you may have left on this earth.


I found this was a kick up the backside when I saw it on paper as we all think that we have plenty of time left yet the days keep ticking by.

For many people fear is the reason that procrastination can play such a part in their lives. It may be a fear of failure or of success. Procrastinating can also be a way of not claiming responsibility for your actions and hoping, that if you continue to behave this way for long enough, that someone else will make that hard decision for you or do the work that you should have been doing.

When you allow procrastination to occur then nothing gets done. This can then lead to frustration with yourself and feeling worthless about yourself and your abilities. If you are a chronic procrastinator you may have feelings of guilt, frustration and anxiety as, once again, you don’t achieve what you wanted to.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies that can assist you to stop procrastinating.

At the first sign that you are trying to put off your next project use these tips:

1.  Weigh the benefits of acting versus the effects of procrastinating. What could you have achieved by this time tomorrow if you were to get started right now?


2.   Set achievable and realistic goals. Trying to run a marathon next month will only set you up for failure. Setting yourself that goal in six months gives you a much greater chance of success.


3.   Get organised. If you need more information to successfully complete your project then make time to obtain what you need. If you organise your time and resources you will find that there is less chance that you will procrastinate.


4.   Get started. Do something. MOVE. If you are aiming for a marathon then sign up with a running club or buy a new pair of running shoes. If you are aiming to clear out the garage then change into some old clothes and open the first box. Activity is the best antidote for procrastination.


5.   Don’t beat yourself up if you are not perfect all the time when you are taking steps. It is not about perfection; it is about making progress one small step at a time.


6.   Reward yourself for achieving milestones along the way.


Next year will come if you do anything or not so you may as well stop procrastinating and start stepping towards your dreams.


What are you procrastinating about?

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