The start of a New Year; a time of renewal where we seek to form new habits to create a different life experience.

Since starting to build my business I’ve found I don’t have much spare time in my days. I need to block in time for lunch and remind myself that it’s okay to stop working in the evenings.

Being this busy is okay for short bursts of time so long as I’m taking good care of myself. Self care becomes an act of survival for me. I thought I would share my daily self-care habits in case that is useful for you. They go like this:


  1. Warm water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
  2. Dance! This isn’t part of my usual salsa training rather it’s a crazy, arms flaying, energy attracting dance around the kitchen to whatever music takes my fancy (Bruce Springsteen is getting a lot of airtime this week). Always guaranteed to put a smile on my face even if I’ve woken up cranky or creaky
  3. Stretches and exercises
  4. Smoothie for breakfast (usually green but sometimes chocolate)
  5. Meditation. 
Sugar free goodness in a glass

Sugar free goodness in a glass with coconut flakes for added crunch

During the day 

  1. Get outside in nature at least once a day. It’s too easy to stay inside when the weather isn’t great or I’ve a lot to do but I’ve found that my brain works better when I’m walking about enjoying the outdoors. My best ideas come to me when I’m away from my laptop.
  2. Laughter. Oh how wonderful a good laugh feels. Whether it’s watching a movie by myself or being out with friends this is something I want more of this year.
  3. Movement. At the moment that is dance practise and trail running. I also make an effort to get up my desk at least every hour (I’m thinking my body would prefer more) and do another task.
  4. Have less in my calendar. I know that I can get through a large amount of work if I need (that’s my years of corporate lawyering kicking in) but it’s just not sustainable. Having my calendar stacked from 8am to 9pm may feel productive but after a couple of days my brains needs a break or my creativity disappears.

I schedule tasks in my calendar in colour. Appointments in green. Blue for writing. Orange for finances. If I find that my mind boggles at the amount of tasks I’ve got on in a day or a week I can move the coloured blocks around (except for the green ones) so that I’m still enjoying the work I need to do.



  1. Sleep. So essential for me as I fizzle out really easily if I haven’t had a solid 8-9 hours of sleep (I’ve been failing on this front lately as the cat I’m caring for likes to announce at 5am that it’s time for his breakfast! Thank goodness for afternoon naps).


What do you do to take care of yourself? Please share your daily habits in the comments below.

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