The way to Port Lockroy was blocked with ice. The captain thought we could go the long way around to get there more quickly as there was no ice reported that way . . . or so we thought. Happily whizzing along at 8-9 knots we hit ice. Lots of it. The ship slowed down and we realised that we couldn’t get through that way either.


Onto Plan C, which was actually Plan A. At least the view was a scenic one!

We finally arrived into Port Lockroy in the afternoon. We could only take 60 to shore at a time so we were split into two groups. I was lucky enough to be in the first group (a late dinner for me).


Port Lockroy is a small settlement . . . with a post office! I sent a post card to my nieces – I wonder how long it will take to arrive? Because it’s a British run post office the mail goes all of the way to the UK first before heading down to New Zealand.


There is also a gift shop. Fleeces, postcards, books and penguin key rings. The gift shop is housed in the same building as the museum. The museum is a recreation of the rooms of the original settlers.


The kitchen…


The bar. An essential addition to any settlement in the middle of nowhere…


The bedroom. A room with a view! Imagine waking up to icebergs and penguins.


As always there are penguins. I caught this Gentoo chick having an early dinner.


This chick was more interested in an afternoon nap after a tiring day of being cute and fluffy.


Then it was time to leave.


I love being out on the water, surrounded by nature. It’s a fabulous experience. Each time I have to get off the zodiac too soon.

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