We left Port Lockroy in the early hours of the morning to make our way up to the Lemaire Channel. This is an icy part of the world and we’re not sure if we’ll make it to our next destination of Port Charcot as the ship hadn’t made it so far South this season.


We made it! Brilliant navigation by the Captain and crew.


I stepped outside before breakfast and there was a massive iceberg in our way. It was as big as the ship!


It was so cold this morning – only 2 degrees! Low cloud clung to the mountains; it was the kind of cloud that looked like it was here to stay.


Today was our first proper zodiac cruise. No zipping to shore for us as we were off on a watery adventure in the Lemaire Channel. It would be a slow journey for an hour in between the ice.


We were lucky to see seals enjoying a rest of on the ice.


So many shapes and sizes –a whale, a face. Air bubbles create the many patterns in the ice; we saw pockets, saw etchings and bubbles galore.


Even through 6 layers of clothes, before the waterproofs, I could still feel the cold. My fingers didn’t want to obey my brains commands to push the buttons on my camera.

Today was the furthest south we go on the cruise at 65 degrees 04.6 min south.

When our cruise ended it was time for us to land at Port Charcot.

All three varieties of brush tail penguins breed at this site – Adélie, Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins. We weren’t to see any Adélie penguins – their numbers have been decreasing significantly in this area.



Happy to be moving again we crunched our way through the blue tinted snow to a vantage point guided by the orange flags that the expedition staff had laid out for us.


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