Today we’re going to set foot on the Antarctica Continent! To arrive at our destination of Neko Harbour we have a few hours of cruising. When you have views like this the time flies by . . .


To get to our landing sites we get to go in zodiacs.


I love whizzing around in them!


They’re all stored on top of the ship. A crane is used to lower them into the water, really for their “crew” of excited passengers to board.

Neko Harbour

We were stepping onto the shore at Neko Harbour, which lies on the eastern shore of Andvord Bay, approximately 11 km south of the Errera Channel.

Neko Harbour is notorious for it’s calving glaciers which means that we couldn’t linger on the beach because calvings mean large and unpredictable waves along the shore line. So it was up and off the beach for a wander amongst the penguins.


The scenery here is spectacular! I think this penguin agreed . . .






I wonder if I could just stay here and live with the penguins and the seals?

I’m a little sad to leave each place. The saddest is lighted by being greeted by hot chocolate, marshmallows and big smiles from the staff every time we come back on board. Bliss.

When you’re on board the ship feels massive. When you’re sitting in a zodiac it doesn’t look quite so big anymore . . .

Especially when an avalanche comes down behind it!

All cosy, and full of hot chocolate, we were treated to a stunning display of light as the sun set on our adventures.

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