I’ve made it a habit to reflect on my past year so that I consider what worked, what didn’t work and what I’d like to bring with me into the New Year.

For me 2015 was a bumpy ride that had many delights, and a fair few disappointments!

Come along and relive the year with me…


What did I achieve in 2015 that I’m proud of?


Lived in Bali (Ubud) for a month. I went there with the goal of escaping winter in New Zealand and working with other digital nomads. As an added bonus I restarted my yoga practise and went nearly every day I was there. Pure bliss.

Returned to Thailand (Chiang Mai) to volunteer again at the Care for Dogs Foundation (a wonderful organisation that cares for about 200 dogs). I walked dogs, scooped poo, gave baths and took many photos for the foundation to use in social media to promote their good work and increase the chances of dogs getting adopted.

Volunteered in the dog run of the local SPCA over the summer. Lots of lovely dogs there.

Housesat in New Zealand for 9 months. I love the variety as well as caring for all the lovely animals. Two dogs, eight cats and one massive garden.

Was part of The Clave Collective for the third year running. This is an awesome bunch of salsa dancers in Wellington, performing and competing around the country.

Performed internationally for the first time at the Sydney Latin Festival. (Watch out L.A.! The Clave Collective is coming to your salsa congress in May 2016).

Performed in my first couple’s routine. Bachata this time. I love the smoothness of the music for this dance style.



Completed a beta launch and full launch of my 30 Day Redesign course (a group coaching package that provided practical resources to set goals for the year and inspiration and assistance to achieve your goals and create a life you love.)

Embraced social media. I now have a Facebook page for my business coaching as well as sharing behind the scenes over on Instagram. It’s definitely a learning curve to see what it is that people want to read.


Completed my Diploma in Professional Photography. I set up a website (Andrea Jordan Photography) to share my photography – focused on pets for now.



What was I grateful for in 2015?

The new friends that have come into my life and the opportunities I’ve had to strengthen my old friendships.

The many opportunities to stretch my comfort zone – from business, to photography, to dancing, to technology, to travelling to new countries. Most of my time is now spent outside that comfort zone which is where many of the bumps of the year came from!

Selling my first photos from my photography business. Right now I’m not sure how this will fit in with my business coaching, yet sometimes I think you need to go with your instincts and see where they take you.


What did I learn in 2015? (in other words what will I not be taking into 2016!)

I’ve learned that I don’t achieve my goals when I make excuses – “I don’t have enough time or money”, “I’m too inexperienced to even try”.


I’ve learned that FULL commitment is required. Even when it comes to my hobbies, if my mind isn’t fully committed and is looking for ways out (“It doesn’t really matter) then I’m letting myself down by not really trying.


I’ve learned that community is key; in my business and personal life. Without a strong support network of the right kind of people achieving what you is like walking through waist high mud. Draining, messy and squishy.


I’ve learned that my natural reaction to an issue of isolating myself to figure it all out isn’t always the best way to go.


I’ve learned that forgiveness is key to moving forward. If you don’t forgive yourself and others you become resentful and downhearted.


Disappointments happen. How you deal with them dictates the direction you go in.


I injured my shoulder in June, only a week into restarting my yoga practise, and my mindset crumbled. “Another injury! Just when I was getting stronger! What’s the point in trying?” All the hard work I’d been putting in before the injury melted away as I gave into disappointment.

I injured my glute on Christmas Eve (competing with my young nieces? Who me?) yet I had a completely different mindset. “What can I do to heal myself? What can I keep doing with the uninjured parts of my body to keep flexible and strong while my glute heals?

These were completely different mindsets and the results were nothing short of AMAZING.


I’ve learned that taking action is the best cure for worrying about anything.


What do I still need to figure out?

I need to forgive people more readily when they act in a way that disappoints me. We are all human and learning as we go. None of us has all the answers and none of us is perfect.


I need to learn how to give myself a break and to be less critical of what I do.


I need to work on my mindset mastery so that disappointments don’t derail me completely.


I need to learn to trust the process.


I need to let others know how I feel. Chances are they are facing the same feelings. Communication releases the tension.


Am I where I want to be?

Not quite. To be honest I’m not sure the answer will ever be yes. Instead it’s a case of continually learning from my successes and disappointments (and why they happened) and having a laugh along the way.

Plenty of adventures to look forward to in 2016!

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