Have you heard about Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) but wondered how you go about creating a simple SOP?


SOPs are important to our online businesses for a number of reasons. In this video I talk over:

  • What is a SOP?


  • The importance of knowing there are two elements to every task – procedure and project management


  • How do SOPs work in with a project management tool like Asana?


  • Where should you store your SOPs?


Then I share my screen and show you the steps for creating a simple SOP. In this case an SOP for making a featured image for a blog post. 


At the end of the video I also talk over how important it is to address any feeling of overwhelm you might be having.


Starting to compile your SOPs can feel like a big task so please remember:


  • You only need to do this once


  • You don’t need to create all of your SOPs at once


  • Creating your SOPs gives you an excellent opportunity to step back and review the way that you’ve been running your business. You’ll be able to find ways to streamline and simplify your process, before you document it.


  • You don’t have to do it all by yourself.




Have you starting creating simple SOPs in your business? Let me know in the comments.


If you’d like to create a solid set of SOPs for your business then book in a virtual coffee with me to discuss your specific business and what you need. I’ll let you know how I can support you.


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