Returning to El Calafate from El Chalten I knew I wanted to take a week out to catch up on editing photos from Antarctica and putting together the finishing touches for a course I had created on business blogging.


I found a lovely apartment through AirBnB. The host was one of the most welcoming that I’d had, supplying me with fruit & vegetables from her garden as well as milk, bread, cereal, butter and jam for breakfast.

El Calafate is a remote and barren place to be. There hadn’t been much rain that season so the dust was everywhere. It was cold! I was glad I had my clothes from Antarctica as it was chilly enough to be wearing them all.


I stayed on top of the hill over looking the township, which meant a steep climb when I wanted to head into town. After an amazing experience in Antarctica, and then the beautiful hikes in El Chalten, I was happy to be a hermit for awhile; heading into town every couple of days to explore.

There is a wetlands bird sanctuary near Lake Argentina which drew my eye. Because it was a chilly day I decided not to go into the sanctuary but I was still fortunate enough to meet some of it’s inhabitants as I strolled by.

There is something about the starkness of El Calafate that made it all the more beautiful. Dark moody skies and soft light on the wind swept hills have their own kind of beauty.

The wind whistles through. The dust of the dry season coats everything. Yet still there is beauty.

The milky blue colour of Lake Argentina comes from the run off from nearby glaciers. I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone lives on that island.

One of the reasons I choose to stay in El Calafate was to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park.  If you love ice then come and see my photos of the glacier calving.

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