Time and time again I see business owners who are feeling overwhelmed. One of the main causes is the amount of information that they’ve collected and stored in a haphazard way. Let’s ditch digital clutter and release that overwhelm.


Delete. Delete. Delete.


Delete those unread emails that have been sitting in your inbox for months.


Delete those freebies you’re never going to read.


Delete all of those saved FB posts that you meant to read one day. Because you know that you’ll never have time to read them.


We keep all of these resources out of fear.


Fear of missing that one magic secret that will make our businesses work.


Fear that unless we read every single email that we signed up for we’ll be missing out in some way.


There isn’t a magic secret, and you won’t miss out, so loosen the chains that you’ve tied yourself up in and refocus on what is important.


Why did you sign up for that freebie or those emails in the first place? Were you at the start of your business and “freebie frenzy” took over…


“Must have all the stuff. Everything looks so good. I need to read EVERYTHING!”


Kind of like me when I go anywhere that has decent chocolate.


Or did you develop an entrepreneurial crush on someone and thought if you read everything she wrote then somehow, just maybe, you could build a business  exactly like hers and be as awesome as she is. Then you followed everyone she recommended and so on and so on and so on.


It’s time to take a step back and look at the guidance and the information that you really need. It’s time to ask yourself if the information that you’re consuming is moving you directly towards the goals that you have for your business.


By using that question as your guide it becomes much easier to delete what is no longer serving you. Remember you can always subscribe for someone’s emails later down the road when what she offers is exactly what you need.


When you ditch the digital clutter that is gathering dust in your digital world you’ll give yourself freedom to spend time on what is really important. You’ll be able to say goodbye to the energy drain of seeing that number of emails creeping up, knowing that you’re never going to have time to read them all. You’ll be able to say hello to a well organised folder structure where everything has a home and you know exactly where everything is.


The lightness you feel when all of your towels are folded and sitting neatly in your linen closet (instead of being hurriedly folded, shoved into the tiniest space and then you keep your hand on the towels while you close the door with your foot until the very last minute so nothing comes out), you’ll get the same feeling from having your digital world well organised.


That’s what I want more of this year. Freedom to do more of what I love, a simpler way of being, distraction free – focus and the energy to make it all happen.


Whose with me?

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