My morning started with a boom as I stood at the back of the ship. Huge volumes of snow raced down the side of the mountain on a determined path to the sea.


What an experience to witness!


The view on our way to Danco Island . . .


This morning we landed on Danco Island, which lies in the southern end of the Errera Channel. We had a hike to get up the hill, while Danco Island is small it is 180 metres high so it has great views down onto the water.

Ever wonder how penguin chicks learn how to swim? They practise on rocks of course! Look Mum, I’m flying…


This chick was having none of that swimming nonsense. Why would I want to go for a swim when I have everything I need right here??


The trail of Gentoo penguins up the steep slope is impressive. How do those tiny little bodies get up that rocky hill? Little steps. A jump and slowly they head to their nest.


The views were spectacular. I could’ve stayed there all day.


You can see the ship but can you spot the zodiac speeding back to the ship or the kayakers gliding around the bay?

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