Looking out my port hole before breakfast, my breath stopped. The iceberg stacked landscape was astounding. Mountains of ice. This was the Antarctica I’d been dreaming of!


Cuverville Island

This morning we were off to Cuverville Island. The Island lies in the Errera Channel, between Rongé Island and the Arctowski Peninsula.


Cuverville Island is home to the largest gentoo penguin colony in the region (4,800 breeding pairs!) so there is sure to be some great penguin spotting today.


The landing started with a walk up a slippery slope. I experienced one of those moments when there were too many people going too slow and meandering along the path. I needed to find a space of my own. Back down the hill I headed to hang out with the penguins.

Today I fell in love . . . with Weddell seals. These seals look like they’re constantly smiling. I love their fur, it looks like its painted on in beautifully soft colours.


The kayakers took to the water this morning. I booked my cruise too late to be able to kayak – it looked like fun!



As we were coming back to the ship what did we see but a dark shape in the water. Humpback whales! So beautiful.



I was a very happy passenger as we headed back to the ship for lunch.

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