Do you have trouble staying consistent with content creation? A system can help with that! Let me show you how to create a simple content creation system for your business.


There are three steps.


Step One:  List out your content creation tasks

Make sure you have a complete list of the tasks that you do regularly so you know the elements that will make up your content creation system.


You might publish a blog post, send out a newsletter, make videos and schedule out your social media on a regular basis.


Beside each task note the frequency of the tasks e.g. weekly.


Also note who does each of these tasks. Do you perform everything or do you have a team member that supports you? If you’re thinking of hiring your first team member make a note of which tasks you would like to delegate to them.


Step Two: Group tasks together

At this stage you need to break each task down into the activities that make it up.


For a blog post you’ll need to:

1. Brainstorm an idea

2. Write the post

3. Edit the post

4. Create an image to go with the post

5. Format and schedule the post.


Once you have the activities for each task listed you can look to see if there are any similar activities (Spoiler Alert – there will be!).


Brainstorming, writing, recording and editing will be some examples.


The reason for looking for similar activities is to see where you can save yourself time with batching.


It’s like when I used to do the ironing (I do NOT like ironing!). It was much less painful, and saved time,  to do the ironing all in one hit while I was watching a TV show rather than having to get out the ironing board and iron each day to do one shirt.


For blog posts, I’ll brainstorm a series of blog posts at one time. Right now I’m writing all about systems so I sat down and thought through various topics that would be useful for you. I was able to complete that job in about an hour. If I’d needed to come up with a new topic each week it would’ve taken me longer.


I also batch writing, editing, creating images and formatting and scheduling.


What could you batch together?


Step Three: Create templates and checklists

As you review the way that you create your content start to create checklists that set out the way that you run your business and templates that you can use from week to week.


Why would you create checklists when you’re the one doing all of the work? Because some day you’ll be delegating to someone else! Having checklists and templates in place will make using a VA so much easier as they’ll be able to easily follow the system that you have developed for your content creation.


What kind of checklists could you create?


“How to format blog posts” is one example. You’ll note the size of the headings that you use, the space size between headings and text, the colour of the headings, the images you might include within the post and the featured image you’d use for the post.


I have a template for my blog post image so all I need to do is swap out the photo (with the photos I have preloaded to Canva) and the text which means it’s a very quick job.


Other examples of templates would be a welcome gift design template or a newsletter template.


What kind of template could you create?


If you’d like to discuss how to create a simple content creation system for your business (or any other system for that matter) then book in for a free Systems Consult with me. This complimentary 20 minute call is the first step towards understanding your needs and assessing whether or not I’m a good fit for your business.


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