It’s ironic that when I wrote this blog post I was sitting on the sofa; hot water bottle pressed against my upper back to relieve muscles that were giving me a lot of discomfort. That kind of discomfort is really NOT something I want to get too familiar with.

However, my life now includes parts which people might describe as uncomfortable. I’m homeless (not the “sleep in my car” kind of homeless!), jobless and single. To me this isn’t discomfort rather the result of choices I’ve made that suit me well for now.

I’ve returned to NZ after 5 months travelling and volunteering in SE Asia. I could’ve come back to NZ and found a flat and a job all too easily. A relationship of some kind too I imagine.


Why am I willing to stay in a state of uncertainty? 


I want more for myself and that involves getting outside of my comfort zone. In essence, I’m getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I’ve decided to redesign my life which means being in a state of change as I move the building blocks of my life around.

I admit it is strange being back in my home country after so long away. The place looks the same but I’m not. One example is that I’ve noticed that I have a very low tolerance for, and now mainly avoid, negative-based conversations with people on how bad their work place is. I made a deliberate choice to step away from that kind of work place when I left the country as I no longer welcome that kind of negativity in my world.

This way of thinking can be less comfortable than being like everyone else yet I’m determined to stay different! I can see how easy it could be to slip back into old ways but having felt the freedom of not being part of that way of life I want to stay free.

Another reason that I’m happy being outside of my comfort zone is because that is where the magic happens! I’ve found it’s the best place to learn more about myself and to discover what I’m capable of (from solo trips around the world to dancing on stage in heels and sequins).


When was the last time you reached outside of your comfort zone? Did you find the magic?! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via photopin cc

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