Being part of a baby turtle release has been something I’ve wanted to be involved in for ages. I was hopeful in Costa Rica, too late in Nicaragua then, while housesitting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico I got lucky!


The call went out for volunteers for the first baby turtle release of the season. Pick me, pick me!!


Let me tell you a tale of the three amigos . . .


It was a calm and quiet night on the shores of Puerto Vallarta.


The baby turtles knew that something was up as they were bought outside by the oversized humans.



They could sense the sunlight and knew they had to go in the direction of the light to get to where they needed to go.


The three amigos plotted in the corner about their quest for freedom.



The amigos waited as each baby turtle was placed carefully into a bowl by the experienced volunteers.


A rainbow signaled a good night for the three amigos planned adventure.



On a pre-arranged signal the over-sized humans gently tipped the bowls towards the sea. They were free!!


“It’s this way!”



“No. I think it’s this way!”


“Dudes it’s over here . . .”


“What’s this wet, fluffy stuff?”


“I’ve hit a mountain!”


“I’m going in!!!!”


“I don’t know . . . that looks pretty scary…”



“So lost . . . where am I meant to go?”



“Whoa! Found it!”


Washed back up the beach. This getting started in life business can be rough . . .


“This time. I can do it. I can do it.”


A beautiful finish to the day that saw the start of many adventures for the Three Amigos.

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