Is your business perfectly organised? Mine neither. Although we might not aspire to have the Instagram perfect office there are ways to avoid being unorganised in our businesses.


Whenever I feel unorganised it’s because I’m keeping everything in my head, swirling around like an ideas tornedo, constantly feeling like I’m just keeping up, knowing there is something I’ve forgotten, hoping it’s nothing major.


Over the years I’ve discovered that there are three things that help me to avoid being unorganised. They are:


One: Have regular brain dumps

Two: Look for patterns

Three: Create systems to support my goals.

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.


1. The Power Of The Brain Dump

Our lives are full – business, family, friends, exercise. Before we know it we’ve asked our brain to remember a lot and it’s starting to feel the strain.


I regularly have a brain dump to remove all of the ideas from my head and get them down on paper. Even though I’m an organised person, with a to-do list to work from, I still find that all of the ideas, information and appointments needed to run the various parts of my life (business strategist, photographer, writer, house sitter, friend, auntie . . .) can build up.


By dumping all of that information I can start to organise it and my brain is freed up to concentrate on more important things.


Grab a pen. Grab a piece of paper. Old fashioned I know yet it’s the most effective way to do a brain dump.

Break your piece of paper up into sections. Business, Family, Family and Personal could be your headings.


You might like to separate your Business section into Admin/Operations, Marketing & Sales and Business Development.


Set a timer for 30 minutes and write down everything that is swirling around in your head (the timer is so you’re focused for a short period of time rather than procrastinating over the “perfect” list).


Get dumping!!


2. Find The Patterns

Take a read over your list.


Which items are one-off tasks (buy birthday gift for Uncle Reggie) and which items are tasks that you’ll repeat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (record podcast, go to yoga class)?


By looking for, and finding, the patterns in your tasks you’ll be off to a good start to avoid being unorganised as you’ll be able to create systems to support those recurring tasks.


3. Create Systems To Support You

The key to organising your business is to create simple systems that support you.


What is a system? It’s a set of steps that you follow to get to a desired outcome. Simple as that.


Now I could also tell you that a system is a work flow or a process within your business but I think an example is always best so here goes. . .


It’s time for your weekly grocery shop.


You jump in the car and head off. On arriving at the store you wander the aisles, no idea what you need or what you’ve run out of, hap-hazardly picking items off the shelves.


When you get to the checkout you realised that you’ve forgotten your reusable bags. Again! You’re also surprised at how much you’ve spent.


After unpacking everything at home you start to think about what to cook for dinner but you’ve got no idea. Do anchovies and artichokes go together?



Now a smooth system would look like this . . .

  1. Look through recipes and plan out your meals for the week
  2. Make a list of all of the ingredients that you’ll need
  3. Grab your reusable bags
  4. Head to your local fruit and veggie market to buy all of your produce
  5. Head to your local super market to buy everything else
  6. Get home in a decent time
  7. Unpack everything with a happy smile as you’re surprised at how reasonable your shopping was.
  8. Start cooking the perfect dinner for which you have everything you need.




Having these kinds of systems for your business (and life) makes everything run much more smoothly and frees up your time. Having systems in my business is the key way I avoid being unorganised.


Would you like to take the first step toward getting your business organised? I love coming up with ways to get organised! And I’d love to talk with you about your business systems (or the fact you don’t have what you need) in a free mini-consult. If you’d like to talk then book in using THIS LINK to my online calendar.


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