Have you started to get the feeling that taking the DIY approach to your business isn’t going to get you where you want to go? That the “cellotape and glue” method will only get you so far and that it may be cheaper, easier and faster to systemise properly?


You know you need to systemise now when . . .


1. Your client experience is starting to suffer

This is one of those “slap you in the face” kind of signs. If you have clients you haven’t replied to for days or clients contacting you saying “You were going to send me that thing a week ago. Where is it?” you know you need to sit up and pay attention.


Our clients are precious and deserve to be treated that way. Losing a client isn’t something small businesses owners can afford to do. You’re losing your current income as well as future income from that client, not to mention any referrals or testimonials you may’ve received from them.


If you know that your customer experience has dropping away take steps now to get your business organised.



2. You don’t have any time for new clients

Do you sometimes wonder if you’ll be able to cope with new clients, even if you’re not fully booked right now?


Many small business owners build their business based on having all of their business time free. They forget to factor in that, as they attract more and more clients, they’ll have less and less time to spend on everything else their business needs.


Take time to review how many hours you’d like to dedicate to client hours so you can see when business needs to be organised in a different way.


3. You’ve started skipping the essentials

Have you started to skip essential parts of the operation of your business; telling yourself that you’ll do it next week? But then next week rolls around and the same thing happens ….


Not having the time to keep up to date with your finances, not posting in FB groups (or whatever else you have as part of your marketing activities) because you didn’t have time is a sure sign that you need to systemise now as those essentials are, well essential.


4. You don’t have any time to follow up

There are emails sitting in your inbox that need replying to; potential clients that have a question before they pay, people wanting you to appear on their podcast or maybe Richard Branson wondering why you haven’t RSVP’d to his invite to come to Necker Island.


If you don’t have time to follow up with these people, the future life blood of your business, then you know that something needs to change.


5. Office hours. What office hours?!

You had this idea of only working 30 hours a week in your business. Or maybe 20 or 40 hours. But now? It’s never ending. It’s before breakfast, after dinner and on the weekends.


Your kids (and your cat!) have started to roll their eyes every time you pick up your phone.


Staying up late to look for stocks photos, create graphics, write your next blog post…


Your business has taken over your life! You’re meant to be in control of your business but it feels like the other way around. It’s time to reclaim control.


How many of these signs can you relate to? One? Two? All of them? You need to systemise now! You know that these signs need your attention so book in a free virtual coffee with me to talk over what you want to achieve with your business, what stage your systems are at and how I can support you.



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