Do you have organised digital files or are they out of control? You know the information is there . . . somewhere! Spread across Dropbox, Google Drive and a couple of laptops, it’s becoming harder and harder to find what you need.


You know that working this way is taking up far too much of your time. The obvious benefit to having organised files is that you save time because you can now easily find the information that you need.


Yet there are many unexpected advantages to having organised digital files . . .



Why I love having organised digital files


1. Create a better client experience as the information you want to share with your clients is right at your fingertips


2. Look forward to opening your laptop. If you’re regularly cringing at the sight of your unorganised files then having organised (colour coded!) folders and files makes your work day so much more enjoyable.


3. See the lovely photo that is on your desktop, as it will no longer be buried under files icons.


4. All files have a natural home. No more having orphan files that you store on your desktop because you know they’re important but you have no-where else to put them.


5. Identify your problem areas and deal with them once. Desktops, downloads and screenshosts ar the three problem areas that I see all of the time with my clients. By taking time to set up a system to have organised digital files means you can say goodbye to those problem areas for good.


Do you have organised digital files or is your laptop groaning at the seams with all of the information that you have?

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