Are you the content bottleneck in your business? You have a lot of great ideas that you know will resonate with your audience, yet finding the time to create is harder now that your business is busier. Which is frustrating as you know it’s key to your long-term business growth.

I’ve experimented over the years with the best ways to create and share my content. From writing and publishing in the same time slot, to batching the creation, then the promotion on a weekly then monthly basis. Now I’ve evolved to use a regular content creation day. And I’m loving them!

Resistance stopped me for a while:

  • How will I find an entire day?


  • Is my business big enough, old enough, successful enough to justify an entire day?

Then I had two nights in an Airbnb between moving out of my apartment and restarting housesitting. While packing I had a lightbulb moment “I’m going to have a business retreat”.

These are the steps I took to get ready for my content creation day. If a whole day feels impossible then start smaller. The same steps will apply.


Step 1: Plan Your Content

Planning the content you’re going to create is key, otherwise you might get tangled up in a creative block on the day or waste time figuring out where to start.

For each piece of content make sure you know:

  • Your working title
  • The angle you’re taking on the topic and how it benefits your readers
  • The key points you want to cover
  • Format – video, audio or written
  • What does finished look like? Recorder or uploaded to YouTube with description done? Handwritten or typed, formatted and scheduled?
  • What do you want your people to do? Aka your call to action.

That way when you come to create you’re off to a flying start.


Step 2: Prep Your Space

If recording videos or audio get your space ready the day before, so you don’t waste precious creative time fixing a tripod.

What device are you recording on?

Do batteries need charging?

Will you be standing or sitting?

Is your device at the right height?

What lighting are you using?

Is your background free from distractions?

What will you be wearing? Is it clean, ironed, ready to go?

When is your best creative time?

Have you got healthy food ready for your breaks?

You want to be able to step into that space and not think about any of the logistics.


Step 3: Remove distractions

Give yourself the best chance of being focused and getting everything done by removing distractions.

Block out time in your calendar so clients cannot book in that day.

Let family members know you’re only available for emergency calls that day.

Switch off all notifications on your devices.

Don’t check emails or social media on your breaks as it take you out of creative mode and into problem solving mode.

Give yourself the best chance of being able to focus on your content for the day.


Step 4: Experiment!

Things may not go as you expect. They certainly didn’t on my first attempt at a content creation day!

The natural light in the morning was very different to the afternoon before. Funny that. I shifted the chair I was going to be sitting in as much as I was able to then let go of the need to get everything perfect. That was something I’d improve on next time.

I was overly optimistic about what I could do. See the “No cramming” tip below!

I’m best in the morning and found I swiftly ran out of on-camera energy in the afternoon. This wasn’t surprising given I’d moved out of my apartment the day before, slept on the floor (as my bed had sold the day before) then waited 3 extra hours for the movers to arrive.

Note to self: Don’t move house the day before a business retreat.

I was able to take my learnings into my next retreat and things worked much better! I gave myself 3 core pieces of content to create. I did those AND 6 short pieces of content to go with each central piece so I finished the day in a much better place.


Extra tips:

Avoid the temptation of squeezing in admin tasks. They’re a totally different energy and will be a distraction.

Are you a constant FB checker when you need a break? Take the app off your phone for the day. Do something that truly gives your brain a break, like a walk in the fresh air, rather than filling your brain up with more information. You need space for your creativity to flow.

Resist cramming too much in. Decide on the minimum quality content you want to produce.

Give yourself structure, this is especially important for perfectionists. Parkinson’s Law tells us that a task will expand to fill the time you give it. Do you work best in 90 minute blocks? Or are you a Pomodoro technique kind of gal? Map out your day (remember to give yourself space for breaks, walks, lunch).


Does a Content Creation Day appeal to you? Are you wondering how you’d ever find the time, when you barely have any marketing time now?

Here’s the thing. No-one is going to create that time for you. That may sound blunt I know, yet that’s what I ended up telling myself…

“If you want this then it’s up to you to carve out the time and make it happen.”

There’s a certain amount of freedom in taking back control of your time in that way.


So when will you dedicate time to your content marketing? Perhaps you’ll start small with a 1 hour block next Friday. Maybe you can do a half day, 2 weeks on Wednesday. Block out that time today then get planning.


Need a hand planning out your content so you’re ready to create? Book in a free 20 minute call with me to discuss how I can help you nail your content creation and promotion system.

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