Although it’s been fun exploring L.A., our main reason for being here is to perform our six routines at the LA Salsa Festival.

I’ll admit that the festival was better, and worse, than what I had expected.

Travelling with a group of 30 plus dancers is fun yet it can be exhausting as people have different needs and different levels of consideration for others. I would seek refuge by the pool when I needed some quiet time to recharge but I’ll be the first to admit that none of us were operating at our best. Sleep deprivation will do that people!

On Friday night we performed both of our shine’s routines. Being on that stage was a fantastic experience! The audiences were great. Having an enthusiastic (and loud!) audience while performing makes all the difference as their energy lifts the energy you have to give.

Of course this meant I was backstage getting ready rather than being able to take photos of the performance . . . this is a photo of both of the teams after our performance.

Women’s and Men’s Shine Teams


The following photos are of the routines that I wasn’t in. I was able to combine my love of dance and photography and capture all the smiles.

Couples Routine

Latin Contemporary Routine


Our last routine combined all of the members of the team into one extravaganza! The routine was based on The Lord Of The Rings – quite appropriate for a Kiwi team. There were hobbits, elves, dark riders and orcs. Gandalf and Golem already made an appearance.


Lord Of The Clave Team

The routine, and the rest of the LA Salsa Festival, was an incredible way to end the last five years of The Clave Collective. For now, we are going our separate ways.

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