Content ideas can come thick and fast when you’re in the creative zone. Madly written on scraps of paper, or sticky notes stuck to the wall. Maybe you hastily type notes on your phone.


Which can become a problem, because when you come to create our content you’re faced with a mess of ideas, and that’s if you can even find them! They’re also not organised in any way and, if you have handwriting like mine, they might be difficult to read the next day!


We want to find a way to store your content ideas that makes them easy to find and easy to organise.


4 places to store your content ideas

1. Documents

A simple option is to use a document. It’s easy, it’s straightforward. There’s no need to have anything more complicated than that.

You could have one document for all of your ideas, with headings to divide them up. 

Or you could use separate documents for different types of ideas e.g. questions you want to ask your audience or ideas for promoting your services in an IG reel.

If you do use a document for your ideas be sure to take advantage of the table of contents feature. That will allow you to see at a glance what the document contains and allow you to easily move to the right section with a quick Ctrl + click.


2. Spreadsheet

If you love a good spreadsheet like I do then using excel or google sheets can be another great option. You could use a separate worksheet for different types of ideas e.g. questions and tips, so the spreadsheet doesn’t become too long and need a lot of scrolling.

You could also add in rows (coloured ones!) to help you organise your ideas.


3. Project management tool

Using a project management tool like Asana to store your content ideas is another excellent idea.

I use Asana for many projects in my business and love the simplicity of it. If I have a project to do, whether that’s my quarterly content plan, or planning a holiday, it’s my go–to place to download all of my ideas.

It’s easy to create sections and organise ideas into different areas. I can also make notes about the details I want to include for each content idea. You can switch between a list view, board view and calendar with the click of a button, which means you can use Asana in a way that suits your working style.

Some business owners like to write all of their content within a project management tool. That way of working isn’t for me as the little boxes feel too restrictive. I want a big old word document to hold all of my words.

That’s why it’s important to find a way of working that is right for you. If I tried doing all of my writing within Asana I’d quickly feel like I was hemmed in. If it frustrates you it’s not going to work long term.


4. Notebooks

If you’re a lover of pen and paper then using notebooks will suit you. We do need to make sure they’re organised in advance so it’s easy to scribble down an idea.

You could have a notebook for each set of ideas e.g. blog posts or posts on your Facebook page. Or you could have one notebook, divided into sections for different types of ideas.


There is no one right way to store your content ideas. You need a tailor made content management system that works for your working style and what you want to achieve within your business. This can take some experimenting to find what works best for you and you might find that you switch things up as your business grows.


If you’re ready to create a content management system to easily store your content ideas and make it easy to create and share your content then book in a free call with me. I’m a total systems geek and I’d be happy to talk to you about getting your content working for you. 

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