Are you thinking you’d like to outsource your admin tasks to a virtual assistant? Yet you’re not sure what you can delegate! You know that spending your time on admin isn’t the best use of your time yet which tasks could a VA do for you? It all feels too hard to work out so you put it in the too hard basket.

I’d like to make life easier for you so I created a task of tasks that you could outsource to a virtual assistant. The tasks are split into those that you might currently do on daily, weekly or monthly basis, as well as project based tasks. If you’re feeling nervous about your first hire then starting with a project for a set number of hours is a great way to ease you in.

There are different types of VAs who specialise in different areas. The tasks in this article are for a general VA, whose area of strength is handling the admin in your business.


Tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant


Daily tasks

1. Managing your business emails and replying to queries with templated answers

2. Diary management

3. Following up with clients and potential clients

4. Adding people into your FB group and capturing their answers to your pre-joining questions

5. Bringing new clients on board including creating invoices and proposals, filling out details in your standard terms and conditions, sending welcome emails

6. Updating client details

7. Managing and updating social media accounts


Weekly tasks

8. Creating graphics – blog posts and social media posts

9. Scheduling content – blog posts, social media posts and regular email marketing (aka newsletters)

10. Transcribing – video testimonials, podcasts, audios

11. Managing your blog (basis formatting and updating)


Monthly tasks

12. Updating your metrics reporting – Google analytics, social media and newsletter numbers


Project based tasks 

13. Creating landing, or sign up, pages on your website

14. Setting up email automation for a sequence you’ve created for a new freebie or lead magnet

15. Doing the non-marketing preparation for your next webinar or challenge

16. Conducting research on future technology needs

17. Researching podcasts for you to appear on or guest blog posts to contribute to

18. Preparing slideshows for presentations you’re doing


When you’ve decided what you want to outsource please take some time to get your business organised before you delegate. Don’t be that boss that shares a mess, then expects your new team member to be a magical mind reader or to instantly know how to do everything you want. I’ve seen too many relationships with VAs suffer because business owners expected them to be miracle workers.

A little time spent now on writing or recording your processes and creating a simple on boarding process for your new team members, will save you a lot of time once your VA starts. That effort will also save you money as your VA will have less questions and get straight to work.

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