re you going through a stage where you’ve lost your mojo with your content creation?

You know you have a lot of ideas to share but the demands of business and life have blocked the flow of your creativity.

I’ve been writing this blog for a few years for now. There were definitely times when I didn’t write for months as I changed my business and lost my direction and creativity.

What I learned is that creativity finds you through action. It doesn’t find you by analysing or overthinking. Your creativity is out there, waiting for you to draw it in.

I’m going to share 3 actions you can take to regain your creativity and have your content flowing again.


Action 1: Write a story

Now this may seem silly. Or like a waste of time because you need to write that business blog post. Yet creativity doesn’t want to be yelled at or pushed into a corner. It wants to be cherished and wooed so let’s take the pressure off and write a short story. One that never needs to see the light of day, so let go of any resistance you may be feeling.

Grab a pen and paper (not a device).

Set a timer for 5 minutes (don’t get distracted by anything else. Your creativity is not to be found on FB).

Choose one of the prompts below:

  • There was a knock at the door.
  • She opened the dusty photo album. The first photo she saw was…

  • The colour of her dress reminded her of…


Write continually, don’t edit. Let the words flow.

Ready? Go!


How did you go? Was it fun? Did you hit resistance? Did you skip past the exercise entirely?

Resistance can be sneaky. If your mind looped through all the negatives reasons why this wouldn’t work, then write them down…

“But I want to do videos. What’s the point of writing?”

“I don’t have time for this”

“I’m a useless writer.”

Resistance shows up in all sorts of ways. Get familiar with yours so you know where it comes up. The problem with your creativity mojo isn’t about you, it’s about your resistance.

Steven Pressfield wrote a brilliant book on resistance, called The War Of Art. It’s a short book I re-read every year. Take a look if you’d like to learn more about the ways that resistance can show up.


Action 2: Create a space that welcomes creativity

Do you have a space that is a pure delight to create in? A beautifully designed office with everything in its place?

Me neither. Right now I’m house sitting, or staying in Airbnbs, so I’m constantly adjusting my space. I’ve found my creativity loves any of the following:

A beautiful coffee cup

A spot in the sun

A comfy chair or sofa

A view of nature

A café with a great vibe

I’ve been training myself to shut out all the other things around me and focus on what is inside my creative bubble.

What does your creativity need? How can you bring that into your space?

Does your office need a declutter and a pretty pot plant?

Do you need to sit in the garden, far away from noisy children?

Create a space in which you feel relaxed and focused and that contains at least one thing that makes you smile.


Action 3: Rituals

There are certain actions I take that I do without thinking when I’m getting ready to create. I like to think of them as rituals as they make me feel I’m preparing in a special way for my creativity. Remember how I said creativity likes to be cherished?

I move. A walk. A workout.

I have breakfast (I’m a morning creator)

I shower (my creativity likes water)

I make a coffee. Sometimes I won’t even drink it all. I simply like the feel of the warm cup in my hands.


Steven Pressfield has his lucky sweatshirt draped over the back of his chair as one of his rituals.

These small, seemingly inconsequential, actions let your subconscious and your creativity know what is about to happen.

You’re putting effort into setting the scene, now you can ask your creativity to join you.

What small rituals can you bring into your space to let creativity know you’re ready?


Which of the three actions to regain your creativity can you take right now? Action leads to confidence which leads to ideas flowing more easily.


Instead of thinking I’ll do this later”, ask yourself how important it is for your content mojo to return?

You can’t keep waiting for your mojo to return by itself. You need to prioritise creating the time and space for your content because it’s important for the long term growth of your business.

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