Are you at the stage with your business that you’re starting to get booked out with one to one clients, but you find it really hard just to keep up with the everyday things that you have to do in your business?

Then this video is for you, because I want to share how you can make running your businesses easy, which is a goal many of us have.

This video goes over the following seven systems:

1. Follow up system

You could be following up your potential clients, current clients who you want to encourage to come back for another package of sessions with you, or perhaps it’s people you want to collaborate with.


2. Client Care System

This system starts from the point that someone says, “Yes, please, I’d love to work with you”, right through to the end of your working relationship.


 3. Content Creation And Promotion System

This systems will cover both creation AND promotion. Too many business owners create fantastic content, and then maybe put on their websites, or maybe put it on their Facebook page once. And that’s it.

If you’re going to the effort of creating content we want to share it far and wide.


4. Finance System

Are you tracking what’s coming in and what’s going out? Having a good handle on our finances is a fundamental part of running our businesses.


 5. Planning & Review System

This system can include your entire business plan, from your annual goals right through to what you’re doing next Tuesday. Or it could be a subset of what you’re doing within your business, e.g. your next webinar.


We want to make sure you have a nice easy system to look back at those goals to make sure they’re connecting into what you’re doing each day.


 6. Inbox Management System

The way you manage your inbox is part of your customer experience. You don’t want your customers waiting days and weeks for you to come back to them. Nor do you want a potential customer to have to ask for their proposal, again.


7. File Management System

If your desktop is covered with files, if your downloads and screenshots folders are groaning at the seams, you know you need this system.


Those are the seven systems I recommend to make running your businesses easy.  


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