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Are you struggling with ideas for your blog posts? Would you like a step by step guide to easily create ideas? Imagine the next time you sat down to write a post you had a list of great ideas to work from (rather than a blank screen!). This free workbook takes you through my simple 3 step system for creating 6 months worth of blog post ideas in an hour or two. Download your workbook here.

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Is it time to step off the hamster wheel of content creation and learn a system to have you posting with ease? This Social Media Editorial Calendar template is ideal for you. Collect your free template and video here.

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Ready to get your business information organised but not sure where to start? This File Organisation template is perfect for you. Collect your free template and videos here.


From how to use systems to smoothly run your business to what the life of a location independent, digital nomad is really like come take a listen (If you’re interested in interviewing me for your podcast please email me at
Mary Lou and I talk about the role of leadership in small businesses.


Small Business Sisterhood Podcast
Pepper and I talk about how to use systems in your business to create the lifestyle you desire. I share tools for planning blog content and social media posts as well as how to get started as a digital nomad.
We talk about the incredible journey that has taken me from being a corporate lawyer in New Zealand to touring as part of a Salsa dance team, to now traveling the world solo.
We continue our conversation about going from being a corporate lawyer in New Zealand to a now living a full-time travel lifestyle as a Business Strategist.


We talk about my life as a digital nomad and my creative way of getting involved with animal rescue on the road.
Just Stay Curious: Finding Fulfilling Work
Gillian Rose and I talked about the importance of adding a little more self-love and self-care into our lives.

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