Why do you need to document your processes? It feels like an overwhelming project and you don’t understand how to tackle it. Plus, you don’t have a team to delegate to yet!

There are many benefits to writing up your processes into standard operating procedures (SOPs). I’ve set out the top six here.


6 benefits to document your processes now

1. Save time training new team members

You’ll save time training new team members by having your processes already documented as you can simply hand your new team your standard operating procedure.


2. Be more efficient

When you take the time to document your processes you may realise that you’re already doing a task in a systemised way. Now you can be even more efficient as you won’t need to remember the various steps in your process.


3. Improve as you go

I find that when I document a new process there is often an obvious improvement to the way I’ve been doing a task. As I list out the steps in a task I can clearly see where the process is clunky and can be improved. When you have your processes written down it’s far easier to see any gaps than when its all in your head.


4. Be more consistent

Not only will you be able to complete the task faster when your process is clearly laid out, you’ll also be more consistent in the way you complete tasks. This can be especially important when it comes to way you deliver your services as each of your clients get the same great service.


5. Delegate with ease

Having your processes documented in advance will make delegating so much easier in the future. You’ll already know what you can delegate as you know what your recurring tasks are, and what level of expertise is required to complete the various steps in the task.


6. More brain power

As you document your processes for admin tasks you can also create a template for the way that task is completed. With a template to follow you’ll have more brain power for your CEO tasks.


My advice is always to start before you’re ready when it comes to documenting your processes. That’s because when you get to the point in your business of hiring team members, you’ll be hiring because you’re low on time, maybe you’ve maxed out your capacity. It will feel that much harder to document your processes then, when you’re already pushed for time.

Start now, your future self will thank you for it.

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