Another year and another travel adventure! This year I’m spending time in Bali, Thailand (more volunteering at Care For Dogs) and then onto Borneo.


My first week in Ubud, Bali looked something like this…


.҉҉҉҉      Read 4 books (actual books with pages and everything)

.҉҉҉҉      Deleted 111 unread emails (yup I counted them and then did a little happy dance)

.҉҉҉҉      Opened, read and deleted 12 old emails (from travel to tech tips and back again)

.҉҉҉҉      Deleted a folder that had 724 emails and another folder that had 67 emails – all of which I’d read and don’t need anymore (I love a good declutter!)

.҉҉҉҉      Restarted my yoga practise by doing 5 yoga classes (from the first Ommmmm I was transported to a blissful place. I’ve tried Gentle Flow, Yin and Restorative this week at the Radiantly Alive studios)

.҉҉҉҉      Did 2 salsa classes (salsa – it’s everywhere you go)

.҉҉҉҉      Watched 3 TV shows (Castle and The Mysteries of Laura in case you’re curious)

.҉҉҉҉      Watched 11 videos (from animal photography to business and onto yoga)

.҉҉҉҉      Had one very blissful Balinese massage

.҉҉҉҉      Got a haircut (and one of the best head massages ever)

.҉҉҉҉     Ate a LOT of lovely food.


If you’d like to follow along with me on this adventure then come over to Instagram, where I’ll be sharing daily photos of life here.

I also have a FB page for my photos (the ones taken with my fancy DSLR not my smartphone) where I’ll share my best photos with you.

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